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Life after....

So my book is out now and life after telling my story about being sexually abused by a family member has not been an easy road to walk. The whispers have been making its way to my ears and its so disheartening that it's even happening. The very thing that turns children away from, is the very thing I'm experiencing today. As an adult, I cant take it so I know a child will have a terrible time dealing with it. It is sad but true. No one wants to tear the family apart. Right. which means no one wants to be a freethinker, stand on their own, or go against the family even when they are wrong. Which leaves a host of people who characters are into question. For what its worth, it is okay and I feel great that I am no longer apart of something that goes against my system of beliefs. Thank you, God, for the window to see things differently.

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