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Family Ties and Family Lies

One huge reason children don’t come out and tell if they were sexually abused is due to the family not believing them and/or being abandoned by them. I can say that, that statistic is true. Coming out with a book telling my story, my truths about the childhood traumas of being sexual abuse after 23 years sent my family in an uproar. They felt the need to once again discredit me by saying it didn’t happen when in fact, the offender admitted what he did long ago. Maybe they did that because family are supposed to stick together through it all and they are still trying to protect Him. I guess I’m just a relative to them not FAMILY and I don’t need any protection. The bond of a family is something special but when someone in the family decides to step out of the circle and expose someone in the family, its not a good thing. You’ve broken the circle of trust. Now the family could be looked at different and judged by others. It also causes division in the family leaving the victim out to see just how much she meant to the family. Nothing, in my case? Being victimized all over again hurts but standing up for yourself is worth all the pain and besides being disown from your family isn’t so bad since the characteristics of your relatives doesn’t fit your lifestyle. #staytrue #silenceisdeadly #speakup #timesup #thetimeisnow #imnothidinganymore

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