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It’s been 21 years since my abuse and I always dreamt about filing a report on the person who sexually abused me. But since the statue of limitation had run out I never bothered with it. I guess that has to be justice for all victims’ right. To know that when we finally gain the courage to stand up for ourselves the justice system says, “YOU ARE TO LATE.” What a slap in the face. I felt robbed out of an opportunity to face my abuser but it didn’t stop me from going down to the police station and making a report with special victims unit. They’re maybe someone out there younger than me who statue hasn’t run out yet. This is for you…Doing that and knowing that there may be no criminal charges coming out of it but standing up for ME is important. It’s not only an accomplishment but it’s a part of my healing. I set out on this journey of healing and no matter what happened and whom I had to go up against, the end result will remain the same to heal my mind, body, and spirit. My life has changed since I set out on this journey of healing. NO REGRETS

As one of my favorite singer Jaheim says,

May your life be forever changed,

May you find your voice be forever brave

And on that day, may you finally find that happiness that you pursue

May your eyes be open

And may you see more vivid colors,

Green and blue when it happens to you.

I believe that wholeheartedly and you can too. Stop being silent. Speak up so you can start your healing process.

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