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My name is Chavonne Boyd-Hurdle, Founder and CEO of Let's Not Forget, LLC.


Let's Not Forget LLC was created for all the children, adult women and men who have never shared their stories of childhood sexual abuse/molestation or who shared their stories but was told that it happened long ago, you should be over it by now, or why are you still bringing that up.


I want to bring awareness to our communities that sexual abuse is still an issue and it needs to be discussed no matter the stigma. Our children are growing up carrying hurt, pain and mental health disorders from their childhoods into adulthood and are being cheated out of the opportunity to be GREAT.


I would like to change that and help the younger community overcome such hardships and give them hope so that can once again believe in themselves and becoming the fantastic and highly motivated individuals they were meant to be.


I also would like to educate the families and the community by providing them with facts and risk factors so that they can protect their children better. 


About  My Book

Scrapes and Scars chronicle the unapologetic story of my journey to overcome the agony and devastation of a horrifying childhood experience....

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